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Let's Talk Science

The Changing Brain Symposium,


January 29, 2015
February 27, 2014
March 7, 2013

Audience: Grade 10 – 12 students
Departments: Medical Sciences, Biology, Pyschology, Centre for Biomedical Research
People: Paul Zehr, Leigh Anne Swayne, Bob Chow, Jim Tanaka, Craig Brown, Brian Christie


The Changing Brain Symposium,

Let’s Talk Science, the Centre for Biomedical Research and the Division of Medical Sciences hosts 85+ local high school students and their teachers at UVic for the Changing Brain Symposium.  A day dedicated to introducing students to the diverse and exciting field of neuroscience.  The symposium is kicked off by Dr. Paul Zehr introducing the participants to neuroscience with his exciting Inventing Ironman talk.  As the day progresses, the students, led by Biology and Medical Science graduate students, tour labs of neuroscience UVic researchers Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne (Division of Medical Science, DMS), Dr. Craig Brown (DMS), Dr. Bob Chow (Biology), Dr. Jim Tanaka (Psychology) and Dr. Paul Zehr (DMS).  In the labs the students observe how research is conducted and participated in hands-on activities in the different areas of neuroscience. 

After the tours the students shift from learning about the brain and research to exercising their own brains.  As a warm up the students answer questions based on the tours and researchers' labs, and then stretch their minds through a word search and mind stretching jumbles.  The day is wrapped up by Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne and a demonstration by the graduate student volunteers of the Brain Bee that will be happening at UVic in May.  The students leave the day with new excitement about neuroscience and a better understanding about all that goes on in the human brain.