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Media Coverage
UVic Radio Station CFUV 101.9 fm:
Podcast interview Dr. E. Paul Zehr discussing "What is a Café Scientifique?"21 January 2013

Podcasts available of Café Scientifique seminars starting 25 November 2013.
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Upcoming Events

The Café Scientifique series is an informal series of talks given in an relaxed setting such as a café. These talks are designed to engage the public in learning about recent research in science. The talks, which are given by experts in the field, provide an opportunity to stimulate discussion around some of the most exciting topics in modern science.

10 April 2018, Dr. Alan McConnachie, NRC Herzberg (Dominion Astrophysical Observatory) and Department of Physics and Astronomy
Canada's Place in the Galaxy
Reserve here by clicking here (opens 19 March 2018)

17 April 2018 - Dr. Irina Paci, Department of Chemistry 
Hey Siri, make me a new drug: How computers are changing chemistry and medicine

Locations: Hermann's Jazz Club, 753 View Street, Victoria BC
Start time: 6:30
Menu items available to order.

Doors open at 4:30. A UVic representative will be available at 5:45.  Free parking is available next door starting at 5:00 pm
Menu items available to order.

**Café Scientifique is sponsored jointly by UVic's Office of the Vice President Research and the Faculty of Science and is hosted by the Centre for Biomedical Research and the Department of Physics & Astronomy**

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250-472-4067




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  January 20, 2015, Dr. Olav Krigoloson, PhD from Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education
at UVic discusses
" Why we do the dumb things we do: the neuroscience of human decision making" at Herman's Jazz Club.



Please see below for information on all past Café Scientifique events with links to CFUV, podcasts of Café,  C-Fax 1070 AM podcasts of interviews,and newspaper articles when available.

If you would like further information please call 250-472-4067 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is a Café Scientifique?

Sometimes science at a university happens in a way that is isolated from the general public. Café Scientifique is an informal seminar series hosted by the Centre for Biomedical Research that provides insight into health-related issues and general science topics of popular interest to the general public. These seminars are opportunities for the public to meet local researchers and discuss some of the most interesting and sometimes contentious research currently underway in Canada. The health related topics are co-funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)

In a Café, we pull science away from its usual habitats of the classroom and the laboratory, and into, well,... a café or bar! A Café Scientifique is more informal and accessible than a public lecture. It is for people who are genuinely interested in science, but who don't have the opportunity to discuss their views with scientists. No previous scientific knowledge is required to participate. All you need is and a willingness to listen to others, to discuss, ask questions and express opinions.

The concept of the Café Scientifique goes back to the salons of Paris, France in the 19th century where people would gather to talk informally about science. This idea disappeared, but was brought back in the 1990s by groups in the United Kingdom and France. The concept has now spread around the world, and Cafés are held in countries as diverse as Morocco, Romania, Denmark, Spain, Argentina, Cameroon, and Canada.

For more information on Café Scientifique seminars around the world, click here.

We at the Centre for Biomedical Research at UVic hope you will join us at our Café Scientifique events. Think of it like a subscription to theatre. Except this is the theatre of the mind. Cafe Paul 2013

Previous CBR Café Scientifique seminars

Olav Krigolson's Lab ""Tools of the Trade: An Interactive Evening with the Latest Technology in Neuroscience" (20 March 2018)

Katherine Elvira, "Smaller is better: Using lab-on-a-chip platforms in pharma and hospitals" (27 February, 2018)

Hector Caruncho, "Depressed about depression. Insights from translational neuroscience" (16 January, 2018)

Olav Krigolson, "How we learn: Insights from Neuroscience Research" (28 November 2017)

Alona Fyshe, "Humans read. Computers read?" (14 November 2017)

Stephanie Willerth, "Can we cure spinal cord injury?" Engineering neural tissues from stem cells" (24 October 2017)

Nikolai Dechev, "Victoria Hand Project: Provision of 3D-printed prosthetic hands to amputees in low-to-middle income countries" (21 March 2017)

Mohsen Akbari - Tissue printing: A paradigm shift in organ regeneration" (21 Feb 2017)

Robert Smith? - "The top ten diseases of all time" (15 Nov 2016)

Taryn Klarner - "Teaching an old spine new tricks" (18 Oct 2016)

Sandra Hundza and Marc Klimstra - "The Risky Business of Getting Older— Changes in Walking and Fall Risk” (19 April 2016)

BatmanImage BW  Café on Campus "An Evening with Batman's Brain"  (16 March 2016)
  Moderated by CBC Radio Journalist & UVic Chancellor Shelagh Rogers

  Dr. Travis Langley, Psychologist, Henderson State University
               Dr. Mark D. White, Philosopher, College of Staten Island
               Dr. E. Paul Zehr, Neuroscientist, University of Victoria

An authentic comic-con style panel focused on the psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience of Gotham’s Dark Knight with the authors of Batman and Psychology, Batman and Philosophy, and Becoming Batman.

Media Coverage Summary for An Evening with Batman's Brain"

Patrick Walter - "Iron Overload: Why too much of a good thing can be bad" (09 February 2016)

Frank van Veggel-"Using small things to defeat a big problem: nanotechnology and the fight against cancer" (17Nov2015)

Trevor Barss-"More connected than your social network: Brain communication pathways for movement"
(26 October 2015) Podcast

Dr. Bob Chow - "Looking into the eye" (21 April 2015)
Handout for use with Podcast

Dr. Caren Helbing - "The importance of being Kermit: Frogs as sentinels of environmental and human health."
(24 March 2015) no podcast available

Dr. Olav Krigolson - "Why we do the dumb things we do: the neuroscience of human decision making"
(20 Jan 2015) Podcast

Dr. Anna Patten - "Reversing learning and memory deficits in the brain" (18 Nov 2014)

Dr. JP McGhie - "Brain Tumours" (21 Oct 2014)

Dr. Patrick MacLeod - "Genetic Mechanism of Disease: When iron is the problem" (25 March 2014)

Dr. Brad Nelson - "Curing cancer with killer T-cells" (25 February 2014)

Dr. Jim Tanaka and Joseph Sheppard, MSc - "The many faces of Autism" (26 November 2013)
CFUV radio Podcast

Dr. Rustom Bhilavdala - "Nanostructures: Small talk wtih living cells" (29 October 2013)

Dr. Brian Christie - "Clarifying confusion about concussions" (24 September 2013)

Dr. Perry Howard - "Rewiring cancer: Using the drivers of cancer to kill it" (23 April 2013)

Dr. Caren Helbing - "Is my environment messing with my genes?" (19 March 2013)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Dianne Lattemann - "From fat to sweet and back again - a scientist's journey into hormones, sugar, and the choices we make" (19 February 2013)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Jeremy Wulff - "Better living through Chemistry - Bringing the fight against influenza and cancer down to size." (22 January 2013)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford 

Dr. Ed Ishiguro - "Probiotics for better health - time to change gears" (20 November 2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 AM with Frank Stanford

Dr. Nancy Sherwood - "This is your brain on hormones" (16 October 2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 AM with Frank Stanford

Dr. Caroline Cameron - "Syphilis - Can we eliminate the disease that has changed human history?" (24 April 2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Nichole Fairbrother - "Throwing the baby off the balcony: New mothers' thoughts of infant-related harm." (27 March 2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Dr. Kelli Stajdahur - "Death, dying and palliative care" (Feb 28, 2012) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic.
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu - "Artificial Intelligence: Friend of Foe?" (Jan 24, 2012) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic.
Martlet Artical 2 Feb 2012, by Michelle Wright
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne - "Growing and guiding new neurons in the healthy and injured brain" (Nov 22, 2011)  Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Stephanie Willerth - "Engineering replacement organs: From stem cells to reality" (Oct 25, 2011)Interview on C-Fax 1070AM with Dave Dickson
Martlet Artical 3 Nov 2011, by Michelle Wright

Vinay Bharadia - "From brain scans to crossword puzzles: The latest developments in the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer Disease. (27 September 2011) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic. Interview on C-Fax 1070AM with Dave Dickson

Cafe Scientifique - On Campus - "Focus on Stroke: From bench to bedside and beyond" Speakers: Chris Considine, Dr. Craig Brown, Dr. Andrew Penn, Dr. E. Paul Zehr. (June 23,2011)
Sponsored by The Heart and Stroke Foundation and UVic's Island Medical Program
and the University of Victoria

Dr. Will Cupples - "How does salt and blood pressure affect kidneys in people with diabetes" (May17,2011)
Interview on C-FAX 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Laura Arbour - "Genetics research and community collaboration: examples from First Nations and Inuit populations" (19 April 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070 Am with Dave Dickson  (interview starts a few minutes into the podcast)

Dr. Bob Kowalewski -Turn up the heat - using the large hadron collider to recreate the conditions one nanosecond at a time. ( 29 March 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Dr. Juan Ausio - What do frogs, the environment and our genes have in common? (1 March 2011) Interview on C-FAX 10170 AM with Dave Dickson

Dr. Craig Brown - What happens to your brain after stroke? Insights from brain imaging studies.(February 1, 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070am, with Dave Dickson

Dr. Chris Pritchet - A walk on the dark Side - dark energy and the mystery of the accelerating universe (January 11, 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Fraser Hof - The ties that bind: human interactions in research, protein interactions in Cancer (December 7, 2010) Interview on C-FAX 1070am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Peter Watson - What can your bank do to solve Cancer? (November 9, 2010)

Dr. Luc Simard - Riding a giant telescope to the beginning of time. (October 19, 2010) 
Co-Hosted by the Department of Physics and Astronomy and Canada's National Science and Technology Week (NSTW)"

Dr. Brian Weinerman - Clinical trial applied to cancer care delivery - telemedicine - or let your remote do the walking. (September 21, 2010)

Dr. Patrick Macleaod - The harsh reality of Rett Syndrome: From diagnosis to cure (April 20, 2010)

Dr. Martin Boulanger- Using x-rays to study human pathogens: From structure to therapy (March 23, 2010)

Dr. Ben Koop - Jumping into the salmn gene pool: Bringing the power of genetics to aquaculture (January 12, 2010)

Dr. E. Paul Zehr - From brain to brawn: New insights into strengthening after stroke (December 8, 2009)
Times Colonist Article "Rebuilding the Body" January 2010

Dr. Terry Pearson - Stealth, evasion and the heart of darkness: The story of African sleeping sickness and the shaping of the African continent (November 24, 2009)

Dr. Claire Cupples - We are all mutants: Genetic variation in health and disease (October 27, 2009)

Dr. Jim Tanaka - The many faces of Autism (May 21, 2009)

Dr. Brad Nelson - Curing cancer with killer T cells (March 10, 2009)

Dr. Brian Christie - Benefits of exercise for your brain: Hope or Hype? (February 5, 2009)
Times Colonist Article " Exericise helps keep brain fit, slows Alzheimers. Feb 2009
Torch Alumni Magazine "Drinking it in" Spring 2009

Dr. E. Paul Zehr - Your arm bone's connected to your leg bone: Can being like a cat help you walk like a human? (December 8, 2008)

Dr. Caroline Cameron - Syphillis on the rise in BC: Basic research to the rescue (October 28, 2008)
Times Colonist Newspaper Article From Lab to Pub, Nov 7, 2008

Dr. Caren Helbing - Hormones in our water: Should we be concerned? (June 18, 2008)