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cluster-neuroRobert Burke, early development, fertilization
Craig Brown, cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuronal plasticity, diabetes and stroke research,
investigation of higher-order information processing centers
Hector J. Caruncho, the neurobiology of psychiatric illness; the development of biomarkers; the discovery of novel drug targets in mood and psychotic disorders; and animal models of depression
Robert Chow, retinal development and hereditary vision defects
Brian Christie, neurogenesis
Kerry Delaney, neurophysiology, Rett syndrome
Roderick Edwards,mathematical biology, neuronal and gene networks, mathematical models of neuromotor control
Jodie Gawryluk, clinical neuropsychology, neuroimaging
Clay Holroyd, neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive control
Sandra Hundza, neural control of human movement; motor rehabilitation after injury (e.g. neurotrauma) and with disease and aging. 
Marc Klimstra, biomechanics and motor control of human movement in sport exercise and rehabilitation
Olav Krigolson, neuroeconomics, learning, and decision-making
Patrick Nahirney, ultrastructure of brain synapses
Raad Nashmi, neurobiology, synaptic transmission, nicotinic receptors, nicotine addiction
Nancy Sherwood, molecular endocrinology of growth and reproduction
Leigh Anne Swayne, Bioelectric control of neural stem and progenitor cell biology; Neural stem cells in brain repair; Pannexins and voltage-gated sodium and calcium channel superfamily members: structure, function and regulation by protein-protein interactions
Jim Tanaka, visual object and face recognition
Stephanie Willerth, tissue engineering,regenerative medicine,biomaterials scaffolds for controlling stem cell differentiation
E. Paul Zehr, neural control of human movement, reflexes that coordinate limbs, stroke and spinal chord injuries recovery

Infection and Immunity Cell Signalling Genetics Cardiovascular Neuroscience Developmental Biology Biomedical Engineering