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CBC News: 2018 B.C. Tech Summit features 3D printed neural tissue that could fight brain diseases. Printed neural tissue could one day change brain and spinal treatment 13 May 2018 (Stephanie Willerth)

CBC  StarVancouver  Radio-Canada  CHEK  NP  CTV  TC  News1130  UVic researchers patent potential syphilis vaccine 26 April 2018 (Caroline Cameron)

Precision Vaccinations: Syphiliis Vaccine Patent Granted to Canadian Researcher 16 April 2018 (Caroline Cameron)

CBC Radio: How close are we to making a real life super soldier? 14 April 2018 (E. Paul Zehr)

Richmond News: Can science create Captain America? 4 April 2018 (E. Paul Zehr)

TimesColonist: Can science create Captain America? UVic Prof explores superhero possibilities. 3 April 2018 (E. Paul Zehr)

The Mercer Report: Story about it here on UVic News: The Mercer Report Visits UVic and Exercises its Brain  17 Jan 2018 (Dr. Olav Krigolson and Dr. Nikolai Dechev)

Biomedical Technology Industry Partnership Day 3 Nov 2017:

Times Colonist Saturday, 4 Nov 2017

CTV News (starts at 12:35)

News 1130: UVic researchers find light could be key to speedier stroke recovery  23 June 2017 (Craig Brown)
OakBay News: Uvic project rebuiilds lives one hand at a time 17 March 2017 (Nikolai Dechev)

Vancouver Sun: B.C. non-profit's affordable 3-D printed prosthetics in the running for $750,000 prize 07 March 2017 (Nikolai Dechev, The Hand Project)

Vancouver Metro: HIV treatment could contribute to syphilis outbreak: Study.  17 Jan 2017 (Caroline Cameron)
CBC: Risky behaviour not only cause of syphilis outbreaks, new study proposes  17 Jan 2017 (Caroline Cameron)

Times Colonist: Batman suffers impossible beatings 24 Nov 2016 (E. Paul Zehr, and Bruce Wright)  pdf

Saskatoon Star Phoenix: New vaccine may offer weapon against the growing threat of syphilis 28 October 2016 (Caroline Cameron) 

Roundhouse Radio98.3 Radio Vancouver BC 22 August 2016 (E. Paul Zehr) 

C-FAX 1070 Radio Victoria BC 18 August 2016 (E. Paul Zehr)

The Globe and Mail "University of Victoria researcher close to developing syphilis vaccine" 17 August 2016 (Caroline Cameron)

The Times Colonist "As syphilis cases rise, UVic leads search for a vaccine" 17 August 2016 (Caroline Cameron) pdf

AAAS and EurekAlert "Researchers invent 'smart' thread that collects diagnostic data when sutured into tissue" 18 July 2016 (Mohsen Akbari)

The Globe and Mail "What it’s like … when altitude affects your brain" 01 July 2016 (Olav Krigolson)
C-Fax 1070 Am Radio "Brain Waves at Base Camp" 29 April 2016  (Olav Krigolson)

 Media Coverage Summary "An Evening with Batman's Brain" 16 March 2016

    20 March 2016 The Toronto Star "Batmen Vs. Supermen" by Warren May (E. Paul Zehr)

     17 March 2016 Otaku No Culter Blog "Spending an Evening with Batman's Brain A Summary"
     by Ed Sun (The Vintage Tempest)       pdf version

    16 March 16 CBC News "Batman researcher looks at link between hero and psychology"
    by Liam Britten (Travis Langley)

    16 March 2016 The Martlet "Inside Batman: Mind, body, and soul" by Tony Carter

    15 March 2016  Nexus, Camosun Student Voice "Batman Meets Academia for night at local University"
    by Jayden Grieve (Paul Zehr)

    10 March 2016 Times Colonist. "What makes Batman tick?" 10 March 2016  (E.Paul Zehr)

    25 Feb 2016  UVic Media Tip & Leads "Spend an Evening with Batman's Brain" 

    26 Feb 2016  Vancouver Metro, "Holy science, Batman! UVic researcher hosts panel into Dark Knight’s
by Matt Kieltyka

    C-Fax Joe Perkins interviews Dr. E Paul Zehr and Dr. Mark D White podcast

The Province: Superheros: Anything but a Deadpool of ideas for filmmakers. PDF Verion 14 Feb 2016 (E.Paul Zehr)

Times Colonist Victoria:  Comment: Science, math vital for tomorrow’s leaders. PDF Version 28 November  2015 (E.Paul Zehr)

Times Colonist Victoria: B.C. company’s blood tests more accurate, less invasive. PDF Version 16 November 2015 (Terry Pearson)

Times Colonist Victoria:  Breaking down the ivory tower all in a day's work for scientist.  01 Nov 2105 (E. Paul Zehr)

HuffPost Healthy Living: Magnets Might 'Unlock' Paralyzed Arm After Stroke 21 Oct 2015 ( referencing 2012 publication by E Paul Zehr)

Dana Foundation Blog: E. Paul Zehr Receives SfN Science Educator Award 19 Oct 2015 (E. Paul Zehr)

AAAS and EurekAlert:  Society for Neuroscience announces awards for excellence in science education and outreach.  12 October 2015 (E. Paul Zehr)

Times Colonist: UVic study aims to get a heads-up on concussions in sports.  18 April 2015 (Brian Christie)

Black Press-Salmon Arm: Tracking how decisions are made (page 8),   08 April 2015 (Olav Krigolson)

Saanich News: Saanich woman with mitochondrial disease 'sews' good deeds, 02 January 2015 (Francis Choy)

Times Colonist: Tiny protein "voices" could offer big health clues, UVic team says , 2 December 2014 (Reuven Gordon)

MF Monitor: Triclosan, used in toothpaste, handwash, causes cancer, says study but FDA ban far off   18 November 2014 (Caren Helbing) Tremonti turns the page with authors. or pdf version 14 Oct 2014 (E.Paul Zehr)

Digital Journal : Op-Ed - Stem cell superheroes and the limits of our biology. 06 October 2014 (E.Paul Zehr)

National Post Building a superhuman: Stem cell advances are leading to dangers and ethical problems few have considered. 06 October 2014 (E.Paul Zehr)

Globe and Mail: Science writers can help raise knowledge 11 Aug 2014 (E. Paul Zehr)

Canadian Partnership for stroke recovery news: Gout medication may boost brain recovery after stroke, study finds09 June 2014 (Leigh Anne Swayne)

1310.News Radio: Talk to the Hand: Gout treatment shows potential for stroke patients. 09 June 2014 (Leigh Anne Swayne)

Vice-President Internal Winter Newsletter 2014: Meeting of the Minds - CBR launches trainee initiative that will reap benefits for UVic Research January 2014 (Leigh Anne Swayne)

Vancouver Sun: Researchers use 3-D gaming system to detect concussion damage pdf version 18 Nov 2013
(Brian Christie)

Times Colonist: Vikes Championship Breakfast continues to fuel UVic teams  pdf version  01 Oct 2013
(E. Paul Zehr)

Biotechnology UVic study seeks consistency in concussion data  07August 2013
(Brian Christie)

Times Colonist: Growing new neurons to heal injured brains 26 May 2013
(Leigh Anne Swayne) pdf version: Uvic Knowledge

Times Colonist: UVic research team tackles how to stay a step ahead of flu bugs. 8 March 2013
(Jeremy Wulff)

UVic Radio Station CFUV 101.9 fm: Podcast interview Dr. E. Paul Zehr discussing "What is a Café Scientifique?" 21 January 2013

The Saanich News: Weight training shows unusual benefits for stroke victims
December 18, 2012 (E. Paul Zehr)

The Vancouver Sun: By training unaffected limbs, stroke victims gain strength on both sides
December 10, 2012 (E.Paul Zehr)

The Omega;Thompson Rivers University's Independent Student Newspaper: Batman teaches science 
November 25, 2012 (E. Paul Zehr)

CBC Kamloops: New research helps stroke patients. Audio Clip. November 21, 2012 (E. Paul Zehr)

Nunatsiaq Online2012: Nunavut health surveillance system to monitor kids from womb to kindergarten.
July 24, 2012,(Laura Arbour)

Times Colonist: Learning to Read Faces: Research project with Autism helps children to navigate social cues June 28, 2012 (Jim Tanaka)

Times Colonist: Grade 7 student puts herbicides to the test. Adrian is a green watchdog. June 8, 2012 (Caren Helbing) - Burlington News: CHOP seeks autistic boys for oxytocin study Bottom of FormJune 24, 2012
(Jim Tanaka)

The Avenue Edmonton: TEDx Speaker E. Paul Zehr on How to Become a Superhero June 2, 2012
(E. Paul Zehr)

CBC News: Super microscope installed at University of Victoria May 25, 2012
(Stephanie Willerth)

Times Colonist: Sound thinking produces a winner:Honoured works look to stars, health, history  
May 5, 2012 
(E. Paul Zehr)

Times Colonist: Ride to Live raises money or prostate cancer research May 4, 2012
(Fraser Hof)

Times Colonist: Finding the diabetes link: Family that faced this challenge now fascinated by research conducted by University of Victoria's Craig Brown April 26, 2012 (Craig Brown)

TumblerRidge News:  $1 million donation to BC Cancer Foundation provides major boost to early cancer
detection research in B
C  April 16, 2012 (Brad Nelson)

The Canadian: Toothpaste to Soap: Toxic Triclosan -- Anti-Bacterial destroys Environment  April 3, 2012
(Caren Helbing)

CNN Health: With autism, no longer invisible April 2, 2012
(Jim Tanaka)

Times Colonist: UVic scientists receive funding March 15, 2012
(Jeremy Wulff and Martin Boulanger)

CTV News: Reproductive Technology Research at UVic December 30, 2011 
(Robert Burke)

The Vancouver Sun: BC Cancer Agency may be near ovarian cancer vaccine breakthrough
December 19, 2011(Brad Nelson)

CTV News: BC Cancer Agency Heads Ovarian Cancer Vaccine Breakthrough December 14, 2011
(Brad Nelson)

The Calgary Beacon: Cancer vaccine kills advanced tumors in lab within weeks December 14, 2011
(Brad Nelson)

The Vancouver Sun: Prostate research lifted by Movember funding November 28, 2011
(Fraser Hof)

The Globe and Mail: Fantasy no more: Scientists develop real Iron Man suits November 6, 2011
(E.Paul Zehr)

OakBay News: From Batman to Iron Man October 26, 2011 (E.Paul Zehr)

CTV News: Neuroscientist Explores Possibility of Becoming a Comic Book Superhero October 12, 2011
(E.Paul Zehr)

News1130: Prof believes Iron Man-like suit here within 30 years Sept 14, 2011
(E.Paul Zehr)

Saanich News: Early intervention key to surviving prostate cancer May 10, 2011
(Fraser Hof)

The National Post: Drug-resistant HIV genes isolated, giving hope for better treatment December 9, 2010
(Stephanie Willerth)

Science Now: The Vaccine That Came In From the Cold July 12, 2010
(Francis Nano)

For more coverage, check the CBR Audio/Video archives

CBR News and Print Coverage

The Martlet: Artifical Intelligence: friend or foe? Feb 2 2012

Oak Bay News: Cafe Scientifique puts research in perspective Jan 12, 2012

The Martlet: Drinking Beer and talking about Science,  Nov 3, 2011

The Marlet: Growing new body parts with stem cells , Nov 3, 2011

Times Colonist Story: Experts to talk about strokes at UVic Forum
Heart and Stroke: Discover Research Publication (advertisement in page 4)
Oak Bay News: Stroke Seminar focuses on whole process

Dr. E. Paul Zehr - From brain to brawn: New insights into strengthening after stroke (December 8, 2009) - Times Colonist Article "Rebuilding the Body" January 2010

Dr. Brian Christie - Benefits of exercise for your brain: Hope or Hype? (February 5, 2009)
Times Colonist Article " Exericise helps keep brain fit, slows Alzheimers. Feb 2009
Torch Alumni Magazine "Drinking it in" Spring 2009

Dr. Caroline Cameron - Syphillis on the rise in BC: Basic research to the rescue (October 28, 2008)
Times Colonist Newspaper Article From Lab to Pub, Nov 7, 2008

Cafe Scientifique Radio Interviews

Dr. Caren Helbin - "Is my environment messing with my genes?" (19 March 2013)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Dianne Lattemann - "From fat to sweet and back again - a scientist's journey into hormones, suga, and the choices we make" (19 February 2013)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Jeremy Wulff - "Better living through Chemistry - Bringing the fight against influenza and cancer down to size." (22 January 2013) Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Ed Ishiguro - "Probiotics for better health - time to change gears" (20 November 2012) Interview on C-Fax 1070 AM with Frank Stanford

Dr. Nancy Sherwood - "This is your brain on hormones" (16 October 2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Dr. Caroline Cameron - "Syphilis- Can we eliminate the disease that has changed human history?" (24 April 2012) Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson 

Dr. Nichole Fairbrother - "Throwing the baby off the balcony: New mother's thoughts of infant-related harm" (March 27,2012)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Kelli Stajdahur - "Death, Dying and Palliative Care" (Feb 28, 2012) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic.
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu - "Artificial Intelligence: Friend of Foe?" (Jan 24, 2012) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic.
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne - "Growing and guiding new neurons in the healthy and injured brain" (Nov 22, 2011)
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Stephanie Willerth - "Engineering repalcement organs: From stem cells to reality" (Oct 25, 2011)Interview on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Dr. Vinay Bharadia - "From Brain Scans to Crossword Puzzles: The Latest Developments in the Early Detection and Prevention of Alzheimer Disease. (27 September 2011) Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic. Interview on C-Fax 1070AM with Dave Dickson

"Focus on Stroke: From Bench to Bedside and Beyond" June 23, 2011 
Interview with Dr. E. Paul Zehr on C-Fax 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Will Cupples - "How does salt and blood pressure affect kidneys in people with diabetes" (May17,2011)
Interview on C-FAX 1070 Am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Laura Arbour - "Genetics Research and Community Collaboration: Exampls from First Nations and Inuit Populations" (19 April 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070 Am with Dave Dickson (interview starts a few minutes into the podcast)

Dr. Bob Kowalewski -Turn up the heat - using the Large Hadron Collider to recreate the conditions one nanosecond at a time. ( 29 March 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Dr. Juan Ausio - What do frogs, the environment and our genes have in common? (1 March 2011) Interview on C-FAX 10170 AM with Dave Dickson  

Dr. Craig Brown - What happens to your brain after stroke? Insights from brain imaging studies.(February 1, 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070am, with Dave Dickson

Dr. Chris Pritchet - A Walk on the Dark Side - Dark Energy and the Mystery of the Accelerating Universe (January 11, 2011) Interview on C-FAX 1070am with Dave Dickson

Dr. Fraser Hof - The Ties that Bind: Human Interactions in Research, Protein Interactions in Cancer (December 7, 2010) Interview on C-FAX 1070am with Dave Dickson