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Check here for audio, video and photography from events and news outlets related to the activities of the Centre for Biomedical Research. Event videos, radio interviews and other multimedia will be collected here for those interested in any of the Centre's events.

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Event Videos


"Focus On Stroke June 2014" 

Speakers: Bill Cox (VSRA), Dr. E. Paul Zehr (UVic), Dr. Craig Brown (UVic) and Dr. Andrew Penn, (Stroke Rapid Assessment Unit, Island Health)
Sponsored by:  The Victoria Stroke Recovery Association and The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada



Cafe Scientifique - On Campus "Focus on Stroke: From Bench to Bedside and Beyond"
June 2011

Speakers: Chris Considine, Dr. Craig Brown, Dr. Andrew Penn, Dr. E. Paul Zehr.
Sponsored by: The Heart and Stroke Foundation and UVic's Island Medical Program and the University of Victoria

Individual video segments:

Opening Remarks

Mr. Chris Consodine
Dr. Craig Brown
Dr. Andrew Penn
Dr. E.Paul Zehr

Closing Remarks


The Risky Business of Getting Older-Changes in Walking and Fall Risk 19 April 2016

An Evening with Batman's Brain 16 March 2016, C Fax Interview

Iron Overload: Why too much of a good thing can be bad
Podcast of Café Scientifique 09 February 2016

Using small things to defeat a big problem: nanotechnology and the fight against cancer
Podcast of Cafe Scientifique 17 November 2015

More connected than your social network: Brain communication pathways for movement
Podcast of Cafe Scientifique 26 October 2015

Looking into the eye
Podcast of Café Scientifique 21 April 2015

Handout described in Podcast

Why we do the dumb things we do: the neuroscience of human decision making
Podcast of Café Scientifique 20 January 2015

Reversing learning and memory deficits in the brain
Podcast of Café Scientifique 18 Nov 2014

Brain tumours
Podcast of Café Scientifique21 Oct 2014

Genetic mechanism of disease: When iron is the problem
Podcast of Café Scientifique 25 March 2014

The many faces of Autism
Podcast by CFUV radio, UVic

Is my environment messing with my genes?
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

From fat to sweet and back again - a scientist's journey into hormones, sugar, and the choices we make
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford

Better living through Chemistry - Bringing the fight against influenza and cancer down to size.
Interview on C-Fax 1070 Am with Frank Stanford (Inteview starts a few minutes into program)

Probiotics for better health - time to change gears
Interview with Dr. Ed Ishiguro on C-Fax 1070 AM with Frank Stanford

This is your brain on hormones
Interview with Dr. Nancy Sherwood on C-Fax 1070 AM with Frank Stanford

Syphilis - Can we eliminate the disease that has changed human history?
Interview with Dr. Caroline Cameron on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Throwing the baby off the balcony: New mother's thoughts of infant-related harm.
Interview with Dr. Nichole Fairbrother on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Death, dying and palliative care
Sponsored by the Centre on Aging, UVic.
Interview with Dr. Kelli Stajdahur on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Artificial Intelligence: friend or foe?
Interview with Dr. Alexandra Branzan Albu on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Growing and guiding new neurons in the healthy and injured brain

Interview with Dr. Leigh Anne Swayne on C-Fax 1070 AM with Dave Dickson

Engineering replacement organs: From stem cells to reality
Interview with Dr. Stephanie Willerth on C-Fax 1070AM with Dave Dickson

From brain scans to crossword puzzles: The latest developments in the early detection and prevention of Alzheimer disease
Interview with Dr. Vinay Bharadia on C-Fax 1070AM with Dave Dickson  
Click to play

How does salt and blood pressure affect kidneys in people with diabetes
Interview with Dr. Will Cupples on C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast

Genetics research and community collaboration: Examples from First Nations and Inuit populations
Interview with Dr. Laura Arbour on C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast

(interview starts a few minutes into the podcast)

Turn up the heat - using the large hadron collider to recreate the conditions one nanosecond at a time
Interview with Dr. Bob Kowalewski on C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson (podcast)

What do frogs, the environment and our genes have in common?
Interview with Dr. Juan Ausio on the C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast

What happens to your brain after stroke? Insights from brain imaging studies
Interview with Dr. Craig Brown on the the C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast

A walk on the dark side - Dark energy and the mystery of the accelerating universe
Interview with Dr. Chris Pritchet on the C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast

The ties that bind: Human interactions in research, protein interactions in cancer
Interview with Dr. Fraser Hof on the C-FAX 1070 AM with Dave Dickson podcast